Selected in the 2011 Gartner-Denowh Angus Ranch Production Sale as one of the top selling, high-ratioing bulls int he sale.  We were impressed with his low birth and explosive growth, along with the superior carcass potential.  We had him collected and use him in our fall and spring programs - both AI and natural service.  0714's calves have stood out in the feedlot the last two years - we are very happy with what we have seen so far and are excited about his future.  His daughters are in production and they are ones to build your herd around!






Selected in the 2014 TLC Vetsch Angus Ranch Sale in Linton, North Dakota. His impressive pedigree combines In Focus with Upward and is packed with several donor dams. His dam sold for $41,000 in Vintage Angus’s sale and is a flushmate to the Genex roster member Tombstone. Copywright is a calving ease king without lacking performance. His calves have good vigor and hit the ground running.






Hilltop Final Option 5297

Our top pick in the 2016 Hilltop Angus Ranch sale for $17,000.  Chosen along with his 1/2 brother for his phenotype and performance.  We really liked the maternal power behind this bull as well.








NA Regsitry 521

We retained an interest in this bull from our 2016 sale and used him natural service.  A typical Registry son, he has great eye appeal and natural muscle definition.








Hilltop Final Option 5350

We purchased 5350 in the 2016 Hilltop Angus Ranch sale for $14,500. We liked the performance behind this bull and we had plans to pair him with his 1/2 brother to produce related calf crops.

Unfortunately,   5350 was injured the summer of 2017 and is no longer in use.










$80,000 second lead bull from the 2014 SAV Sale. Goes back to foundation genetics, packed with performance and phenotype. His calves have proven to be quick starters with explosive growth and muscle capacity. Recharge is the cow-making kind. His calves have good feet and structural soundness along with natural thickness and fleshing ability.






SAV Registry 2831

Registry was the high-selling bull out of the 2013 Schaff's Angus Valley Sale.  A unique low-birth Rito 7075 son with a strong maternal background.  We liked his foundation genetics and his eye appeal.  He exhibits natural thickness and abundant muscle in a structurally correct package.