Annual Sale

Annual Sale

April 4, 2018

Blaine County Fairgrounds - Chinook, MT














Our annual production sale is held the first Wednesday in April in Chinook, MT.  We typically market around 20 fall bulls and 45 spring bulls.

Our spring bulls are weaned around the first of October.  They are pulled off the cow and head straight to Hould Feedlot in Malta, MT.   They are started on a high roughage ration that promotes a healthy, gradual gain.  We don't believe in pushing our bulls for high gains.  Our goal for the group as a whole is to be around 3.25 to 3.5 lbs daily gain.  We want them to leave the feedlot and sale in their working clothes - ready to go to work for your program.  We want our bulls to cover your cows without losing large amounts of weight and wearing out by the end of breeding season.


Our fall bulls are weaned around the beginning of March.  They are started on CHS Bull Challenger and free choice grass/alfalfa hay.  They head to Hould Feedlot around December 1st and are started on a high roughage ration at that time.  We look for the fall bull group to have an average daily gain around 3 lbs.


When comparing fall born bulls to spring born bulls, several factors need to be taken into consideration to account for the differences in weaning weights and growth patterns.  Our fall calving program begins around August 15th.  Those bulls are raised on cured-out grass along with mother's milk and hay through the winter - they are not fed any creep feed.  We wean the calves the beginning of March, before any green grass is available for growth.  Our spring bulls, on the other hand, are grown out on green grass, providing them the opportunity for greater growth potential.  From our management experience, in order to level the playing field between the fall born bulls and the spring born bulls, you have to take into account that the fall bulls' 205 day weights will normally be 100 - 125 lbs lighter than the spring bulls' 205 day weights.


The fall bulls will also show a difference in carcass data compared to the spring bulls due to the difference in feed and season of growth pattern.  The fall bulls are going  through their growth during the winter and early spring and are only on a high roughage, growth ration for a short time before being ultrasounded.